Runet Celebrates its 20th Birthday 


This year The RUnet has celebrated its 20th anniversary --   April 7th, 1994 is considered to be the birth date of the RUnet.

To celebrate this great date, many exciting events were organized by the Russian Internet community.

The project “RUnet is 20” aims to present the chronology of RUnet development by highlighting its major events.

The online encyclopedia of RUnet will allow users to add events and significant dates to Runet history.  The goal of this project is to collect the most detailed story of Russian Internet.

This conference devoted to RUnet was organized by RAEC.  In his opening statement, Alexey Volin, the deputy minister of Media Communications of Russian Federation, has mentioned that “RUnet development should take place in close collaboration with the Government.”  He mentioned that this year also marks the anniversary of the Russian Constitution and the Russian Parliament.

The “Runet Awards” event and the next RIW conference will continue this celebration, by gathering major specialists of related fields to discuss such significant issues as Internet Media, Social media, RUnet mobilization, Business in RUnet, and the Internet and the State.  To conclude  the celebration, the final show “RUnet is 20!” will be presented.

The official website of the Project is  The official website for Runet Awards is

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