CEO 2.0

CEO 2.0 is my new book, which was published this year in Moscow, Russia. The book reflects on how technology, innovations and globalization are shaping new competencies of a new generation of leaders. 

It’s about the challenges the future brings to CEOs and managers, and how innovative technological trends affect business. The book is an interactive education course, which uses gamification tools to interact with the reader. Each chapter presents a mission which contains practical tasks, by accomplishing which the reader collects points to compete with other CEO 2.0 club members in the final ranking.  Among the major missions are: Change and Innovation Management, Online Branding and Networking, Knowledge Management, Emotional Intelligence, Intercultural Communication, Startup Development, Innovative Leadership and many others. The QR code on the book cover leads to the project website which engages new leaders in educational workshops, seminars, club meetings, webinars and training to support the development of their innovation skills. CEO 2.0: Welcome to the Next Level.